Playgrounds & parks – 5/6 – East Attica

Playgrounds & parks – 5/6 – East Attica


East Attica is a large region of Athens. It includes: Acharnes, Dionysos, Kropia, Lavreotiki, Marathon, Markopoulo, Oropos, Paiania, Pallini, Rafina-Pikermi, Saronikos, Spata-Artemida and Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni. Above all, I have to remind you that at Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni is located the Athenian Riviera. To sum up, as a large municipality, it also has large playgrounds and parks. Find out below some of them.

Playgrounds & parks of East Attica


  • Jumicar

This Traffic Education Park is located at Marathonos avenue 1, PC 15344, Nea Makri. Which means that it is 11,5km away and you need 30min by car or 1h by public transport to reach it.

Children learn the importance of traffic education. The park has traffic junction of 4 intersections – 29 traffic lights and offers difficulty grades according to age groups. It starts from 3years old. You do not want to learn how to drive? Then, learn mini golf, bowling, do inflatables and water battles and many more. Or organize your child’s party in Athens Greece.


  • Attica Zoological Park

Address: Gialos Place, PC 19004, Spata. 19,5km from Syntagma square, so 30min by car or 55min by public transport. It is only 7km from the airport of El.Venizelos (10min by car or 45min by public transport). After that, I advise you to see the zoo at the beginning of your trip going out the airplane. Or at the end of your journey before entering at the airplane.

At the zoo there are many mammals, reptiles, marine mammals and birds. In the same vein, you can have a picnic with your children or feed the animals. Most importantly, you can watch the training program of the marine mammals or follow the bird flights. And always in a safe environment since their caregivers are with you the whole time.


  • Dinosaur Park

This cultural park at Keratea (Lavriou Avenue, 16th km. Extension of Attiki Odos to Lavrio, 19001, Keratea) would be children’s favorite. 40km from Syntagma and reachable only by car in 45min. 23km from El.Venizelos airport, so 18min by car. Same as the zoo park, it is better to visit dinosaurs park at the end or at the beginning of your trip.

It has an exhibition of impressive dinosaur figurines in natural size, which lived on Earth millions of years ago. However, the park wants to intrigue the awakening of the ecological consciousness of children. Therefore, the exhibition also includes animals that live on earth today, but they are facing the danger of extinction. Grab a brush and discover dinosaur fossils like the paleontologists. Moreover, follow the process of winemaking by collecting the grapes firstly. Secondly, you can observe with your children the bottling of wine at the vineyards of the park. Finally, I can assure you that the youngest will amazed by feeding the animals of the farm.

Traditional old village

Furthermore, are they people’s person? For instance, they can make the acquaintance of barba Meletis the Carpenter and Mr. Zacharias the Tailor. Also, meet Aunt Meropi the Weaver, Mr. Anestis the Tsagaris, Mr. Thymios the Barberis, Kafetzis and Phaedon the Organ Maker. In that way, children will meet all the traditional workshops of the old market of forgotten professions. All these, inside the streets of the little traditional village.

Most importantly, along with other children, your kids can play some of the “games of yesterday”. Those ancient and traditional games, that our grandparents were playing.


  • Kallitechnoupoli’s playground

Address: Kallitechnon 17, 19009, Kallitechnoupoli, Rafina. 24km from Syntagma and 40min by car.

It has beautiful, durable and certified instruments for climbing, slides, swings, and many other toys.


  • Sounio National Park

Address: Lavreotiki, Sounio. 47km from Syntagma and 1h by car.

Sounio National Park is located on the rocky cape, where the beautiful Temple of Poseidon has been located for centuries. This area has 260 different mineral ores. In the center of the Park is the famous “Egilon Chaos”, an impressive doline with a diameter of 120 meters, while scattered in the area are caves and old mines, the well-known “wells”. I advise you to take a breath by swimming at the crystal-clear sea waters.


  • Sports and Cultural Nea Makri Park

Address: 196 Marathonos Ave., 15351, Pallini. 16km from Syntagma, 58min by public transport and 35min by car.

Are you a big group and want to organize a camp? Then, these facilities are suitable for you. Because, except the playgrounds, it also has closed cinema hall with 350 seats, open amphitheater with 800 seats, canteens, cafeteria and 250 parking spaces. Furthermore, it has open heated swimming pool of Olympic dimensions, changing rooms for adults and children and a learning pool for babies with lifeguards. Moreover, it has indoor basketball and volleyball court with parquet of modern standards, locker rooms, 200 spectator seats and electronic board. The fun continues at the two 5×5 and 7×7 football pitches and the two tennis courts with synthetic turf, two open basketball courts and an indoor gym.

Bonus: All areas of the park are accessible to people with special needs.


  • Lake Marathon

Address: Kapandriti, 19014, Greece. 29km from Syntagma, so about 1h by car.

For a short family getaway within Attica, consider this one-day excursion to Lake Marathon and its impressive dam and the surrounding villages. The lake stretches over an area of ​​2.450acres/2,45km2 and is one of the most important wetlands in Attica. The dam is 54 meters high and 285 meters long. Most importantly, it is lined with all-white pentelic marble just like the Parthenon. Take a quick look at the Water Museum. Likewise, over there you can see the history of the creation of the dam. Furthermore, you will see store tools and equipment used during the construction, transport wagons, huge water pipe molds and an impressive water dispenser.


If you are fan of the ancient history, then take a glimpse of the marble ancient greek temple at the base of the dam, which is an exact copy of the Athenian treasure. Athenian treasure was called the temple which built by the ancient ancestors of us in Delphi. That one was built in remembrance of the victory against the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. Although, the temple of the lake was built to commemorate the victory of the people against water scarcity.

If you choose to continue your rambling on the next village, you will see many traditional family taverns. Those are offering many delicious meats next to the peaceful small old chapel of Saint Paraskevi and the stone theater.

If you do not want to have a meal at the taverns, then you can organize a picnic. In conclusion, you will enjoy the nature under the century-old trees at the wooden benches of Barnabas ravine. After that, wet your feet at the river to refresh yourselves or try the delicacies of the canteen.


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