The 1st Santa Claus

The 1st Santa Claus   The 1st Santa Claus ever was Saint Nicholas. In Greece we are celebrating the predecessor of Santa Claus on December 6th. The bishop Nicholas lived in the 4th century in the Lycian town of Myra in Asia Minor. *** Today, Saint Vasileios (Agios Vasilis) has the role of Father Christmas-Santa Claus, who brings all the […]

Easter celebration in Athens, 2/2

Easter celebration in Athens 2/2 So…after Holy Week’s liturgies-candles-Epitaph-Resurrection etc., I will let you know few things about customs of Easter’s food. In order to feel like a true Greek, you should taste few Easter’s delicacies. However, it is important to say that the Greek Easter tradition of food has religious significance. That is to say that the Great Lent […]

Easter celebration in Athens, 1/2

Easter celebration in Athens 1/2 Even though most of Greeks are heading to their villages on countryside for Easter, you should enjoy Easter celebration in Athens. Either your plane stuck or you chose this. Either way, you will enjoy it the most. Trust me on that, because there is no reason to do not experience Easter like a true Greek. […]

Christmas in Athens

Are you planning to spend Christmas in Athens?   Did you decide to visit Athens seeing Acropolis for Xmas, instead of crowded summer?* Are you passing by or stopping for Christmas in Athens to feel the holiday vibes? Either way works for you. Just read my article and discover what’s the appropriate ‘activity’ for you. Athens has a magnificently illuminated […]