Historic places

Historic places you do not want to miss History is resulting from Greek word ἱστορία – historia. It’s meaning is “inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation”. It is the study of the past as it is described in written documents, as it is stated in Wikipedia. Everybody knows that we can ‘learn’ about our past from history books or from lots […]

Topography of Athens

Main hills I strongly believe that the best way to know a city is to walk around the streets. Wander around at the city center and looking the architecture or observing the people. Hence the best way to explore Athens is to rest yourselves well and then start walking and … walking and … walking around. Athens has many significant […]

Naming the city

The myth behind naming the city Come with me and I will mentally travel you at this very moment that Athens was named after a goddess. After the Olympian goddess of wisdom Athena. Once upon a time…Greek goddess Athena and her uncle god of the sea Poseidon were fighting about protecting and naming their favorite city. As a result, they […]