Are you planning a trip to Athens or just a stopover? Let me advice you to choose the correct neighborhood of your preferences to stay. In short, you will reduce your stress & your spending time to find a hotel you need. Read my advice here.

Travel advice from a Greek - Excursions - At this article, I will try to persuade you that Athens is a nice destination for a mind-relaxed weekend -away from work- city break.


Are you overwhelmed from the urban character of the capital and want to escape? Start with an island hopping. Go swimming to the breath-taking beaches. Snorkeling. Explore with a sailing ship. Or take a private bus to see the temple of Poseidon at Sounio. And many more according to your budget & preferences. Read my advice here.

Our belief about food - Travel advice from a Greek


Settle down at a seaside Athenian Riviera’s tavern to taste fresh grilled octopus. Or at one of the picturesque taverns at the city center and eat our street food souvlaki with tzatziki dip. Follow the Mediterranean diet like we are. And let me advise you about my favorite haunts. Read my advice here.

City break in AThens - Travel advice from a Greek


I invite you to explore the capital of Greece’ Athens. One of the world’s oldest cities, since its earliest human presence started between the 11th and 7th millennium b.C. and has more than 3.500years of existence. Read my advice here.

Activities for families - Travel advice from a Greek


Pedal around to explore Athens or enjoy family time in a range room or take a picnic at one of the hills or go for a gym session at the Panathenaic Stadium and many-many more activities to keep you busy. Read my advicehere.

Getting to Athens by airplane-TRAVEL ADVICE FROM A Greek


Αpproaching Athens by airplane, train, bus or sailing boat and cruise ship is easy. But, let me inform you where you must disembark and how you will find the public transport’s connection. Read my advicehere.

Evzonas - Travel advice from a Greek


Learn whatever you need to know about us Greeks in order to mingle more, to communicate more and immersing yourself in our local culture. I am expecting your questions to answeeeeer! Read my advicehere.

While you read my advice…