Metsovo Prefecture of Ioannina May 2022 (30th of April-6th of May) 39°46′13″N 21°11′2″E Metsovo is a traditional mountain town in the prefecture of Ioannina at an altitude of 1,160m located between the hills of the largest mountain range in Greece, Pindos. I had many years to visit it and I am excited that it holds the cultural heritage of a […]


Xylokastro of Corinth in Peloponnese September 2021 38°7′N 22°36′E   So, everyone needs some time off the everyday life`just to have fun and relax with friends. That is why we went to Xylokastro Xylokastro of Corinth in Peloponnese with a lady friend of mine. Xylokastro is a seaside town of the regional unit of Corinth. It is close to Athens`only 120km […]

Skala Atalantis

Skala   Skala Atalantis of municipality Lokron in the Prefecture of Fthiotida in Central Greece   August 2021 38°40′0.8″N 23°4′31.1″E   This summer is undoubtedly called: close-to-Athens-destinations. By taking the decision to do not use boats or airplanes to avoid crowding with covid-19, this is the best solution for vacation. That is why we chose another one destination near Athens, […]


Tyros   Tyros of county Arcadia in Peloponnese   July 2021 37°15′N 22°50′E Our 3rd city break for this summer was at Tyros of Arcadia in Peloponnese (after Poros and Kymi) on 30th &31st of July and 1st&2nd of August. It is only 2,5h-3h away from Athens and we love-love-loooved it. The municipality of South Kynouria, where Tyros belongs, has […]

Kymi – Kimi

Kymi of island Evia July 2021 38°38′3″N 24°6′14″E As I told you to my previous article about Poros, this year (due to covid-19) me and my husband, we decided to take long weekends near Athens instead of taking 15days vacation continuously to one far away island. For our second dash we chose to visit Kymi of island Evia (or Kimi […]