Playgrounds & parks – 6/6 – Piraeus

Playgrounds Piraeus, where the main port of Athens is located, includes Keratsini-Drapetsona, Korydallos, Nikaia-Agios Ioannis, Rentis, Perama and Piraeus region of course. Therefore, if you have spare time, before embarking to your ferry and heading to our beautiful islands, lead your children to one of the playgrounds around the port. Playgrounds & parks of Piraeus Venizelos square Address: Diamantidis Dimitris, 18120, […]

Playgrounds & parks – 5/6 – East Attica

Playgrounds East Attica is a large region of Athens. It includes: Acharnes, Dionysos, Kropia, Lavreotiki, Marathon, Markopoulo, Oropos, Paiania, Pallini, Rafina-Pikermi, Saronikos, Spata-Artemida and Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni. Above all, I have to remind you that at Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni is located the Athenian Riviera. To sum up, as a large municipality, it also has large playgrounds and parks. Find out below some of them. […]

Playgrounds & parks – 4/6 – Western Attica

Playgrounds Depends on where you are staying during your vacation, you will choose the playground that it is closer to your hotel. Are you staying to: Agia Varvara, Agioi Anargyroi-Kamatero, Aigaleo, Haidari, Ilion, Peristeri or Petroupoli? Then, below you will find your nearby playgrounds of western Attica to inhale fresh air in the middle of the city. There are only […]

Playgrounds & parks – 3/6 – Northern suburbs

Playground Do they still have energy after the museums? Now it’s the time to lead them at an educational playground to enjoy some family time together. On the other hand, you can all rest together by having a picnic inside an overgrown park at Athens’s northern suburbs. Northern suburbs’ playgrounds and parks Traffic education park in Chalandri Tinou 130, 15238, […]

Playgrounds & parks – 2/6 – Southern suburbs

Playground Continuing our wandering to the playgrounds & parks of Athens, I will list for you southern suburbs’ playgrounds. These are my favorites, because I adore walking near this clear blue liquid called sea. The view is spectacular, so I prefer better these from others. Playgrounds & parks at Southern suburbs of Athens Nea Smyrni Grove/ Park of Nea Smyrni […]