Greek idioms about food

Feta cheese (at the above photo) Greek idioms about food Food is important part of our daily routine and our culture. So, like all nations, we have many-many Greek idioms. And many of these Greek idioms are related to food or they are containing food references. Although they may come from different sources (e.g. from historical events or from folk […]

Famous quotes about food

From Greeks or not If this is your first time in Greece, I have to inform you that food is very important for our genus, even from the ancient years. Food considers one of the pillars of our heritage (you can learn more about our beliefs to my article about food). We are proud for this piece of our culture. […]

Our belief about food

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. The above phrase (Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food) is the famous quote by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates that states our belief about food. That is why I am inviting you to meet and experience the Greek culture through our tasteful food. If you want […]

City break

Why choose Athens as a city break and not just as a stopover. Ohh trust me when I am saying that ….. I do not want to fool myself or you’my readers. I know that Athens is just a big capital city for you. But to me it is my hometown and I like it. That is why I am […]

Basics 101

Itinerary – must see You will ask me: why I have to visit Athens? It’s just a capital of the country. Just a cement city. Why not only the islands of Greece or the countryside instead? Weeeell…….Hopefully you will love Athens, as much as I do. Therefore, I hope that you will have a memorable experience in Athens. Just follow […]