Souvenirs 1/6 – food

Souvenirs 1/6 – food


In which way you will bring memories back home? With souvenirs of course.

You want your memories last longer? The best way is to bring back few souvenirs to use during your daily routine. In that way you will remember constantly this magnificent vacation time. Pick something that reminds you your wonderful trip or a significant moment of it. Otherwise, you could just choose something that makes you reminisce the country you’ve been.

Below, I will register few memorabilia made in Greece. Put at least half a day to your itinerary and wander around the souvenir shops. Choose something touch-hearting for you or a present for your friends and family. Do you have enough spare room at your suitcase? Few more gifts, for your loved ones, family & friends, are always necessary.



  • Olives and extra virgin olive oil

    In my opinion, it is one of the top things to buy in Greece. The olive tree symbolizes the peace and prosperity. Ohh, and remember that Athens named after the goddess Athena. This happened when the goddess donated an olive tree to the city. Also, per capita consumption is highest in Greece, since it is free from acidity. Therefore, it has high quality. Try to substitute the smeared butter before the meal, by ‘spreading’ olive oil in bread. I challenge you and you will never ask for butter before meal. Use it at the culinary recipes and you will love the taste of them. So, it is a nice gift for yourselves to remember Greece.

Bonus: At the central market of Athens called Varvakeios (near Monastiraki square) you can try the olives. I mean, before you buy anything. After that, you choose what flavor you will purchase. Stuffed with red peppers, stuffed with cheese or almonds? Flavored with spices or not? In short, you will find many things to like.

  • Pistachios

    The best pistachios in the world are growing in Greece. Particularly, in Aegina island (and a small production in Hydra). Try ice-cream and other sweet confections with this flavor at the sweet shops around Monastiraki & Psirri. I guarantee to you that it will be an explosion of taste in your mouth. Or take the 40`ferry to Aegina for a quick island hop. Over there you will try the actual fresh product in its source.

Grab a bag of these pistachios and replace the airplane’s flavorless nuts. You will feel much happier and more fulfilled, certainly. Do not eat all the gift-souvenirs by yourselves.!.

  • Cheese

    There are many varieties of cheese in Greece. 19 of them have the European Union’s Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) status, like feta Try the white feta and the yellow kasseri, which they both have their substitutes for the Easter’s and Christmas’s fasting. Furthermore, you could have the hard ones graviera-gruyere, kefalotyri, kefalograviera or ladotyri. Or you could taste the sweet ones, which we also use in confectionery. These are mizithra, anthotyro and manouri. Moreover, you can choose the soft ones, which are like spread. These are kopanisti, katiki, formaela and xynomizithra.

There are many stores for souvenirs in Psirri area and Plaka. But you can also pay a visit at the central market to taste a few. Separate the cheeses depending of your milk preference (from: cow, buffalo, goat etc.).If your flight does not last long, maybe you can try squeeze many of them inside your suitcase.

  • Herbs

    We are using them at the culinary. I propose my favorite oregano from the Classical Greek ὀρίγανον (orī́ganon). Also try the fresh version at choriatiki salad. Or one of the world’s best red saffron crocus from Kozani. Fact: They need about 150-170 flowers to produce 12gr of dried saffron. OMG! But, it is so god and tasteful. Taste sage, thyme, basil, spearmint, garlic, onion, dill, parsley, marjoram, cinnamon, nutmeg. And of course, various salts (white sea salt, rose, with black truffle, with cannabis, with Kozani’s saffron crocus, flakes from Mesologi, blue, smoked with beech wood etc.). Don’t forget the various peppers (with hot chili flakes, smoked from Mesologi, black, natural unworked, white etc.). I believe that after spending here some days & eating at the local taverns, you will be searching out these products. At the central market or at Evripidou street you can get many of them in small gift packages with bows.

  • Pasta and Wheat Products

    Trahanas is sweet or sour uneven crumbs. These crumbs are made from yogurt or buttermilk with wheat. Hilopites are like egg noodles made with fresh milk. You will find many shops at Psirri neighborhood and around Monastiraki square.

Souvenirs - Travel advice from a Greek
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