Poros island

Poros 37°31′N 23°29′E June 2021   I was so excited about my trip to Poros island, because was the first one after the quarantine from November 2020-May 2021. Poros is a small island of 23km2 and really close to Athens. That is why it is also Greek’s way out of the Athenian city. And also a stopover for foreigners’ yachts. We […]

Playgrounds & parks – 2/6 – Southern suburbs

Playground Continuing our wandering to the playgrounds & parks of Athens, I will list for you southern suburbs’ playgrounds. These are my favorites, because I adore walking near this clear blue liquid called sea. The view is spectacular, so I prefer better these from others. Playgrounds & parks at Southern suburbs of Athens Nea Smyrni Grove/ Park of Nea Smyrni […]

Playgrounds & parks – 1/6 – Central Athens

Playground The basic activity for young kids   It is common sense that the kids eventually will getting bored after all this wandering to the museums. At the article: Activities for families I believe I provided you enough interactive museums to delay this. But still…you need to fulfil their spare time constructively. In that way, they will gain enjoyable memories […]

Souvenirs 6/6 – personal items

  Personal items as a souvenir You are the only one to please? So, choose a personal item as a souvenir. Made just for you. I believe that choosing a personal item as a souvenir it is rather fulfilled. The possibilities are endless and you can choose a useful product to interact every day. In that way, you were looking […]

Souvenirs 5/6 – home decorative

  Home decorative souvenirs Did you choose your favorite souvenir yet? If you have enough free space to your luggages, then choose from home deorative souvenirs. In that way, you will built memories at your trip that will last. By purchasing traditional Greek home decorative souvenirs, you could reminisce your wonderful vacation time. Like … every time you see it […]