Playgrounds & parks – 4/6 – Western Attica

Playgrounds Depends on where you are staying during your vacation, you will choose the playground that it is closer to your hotel. Are you staying to: Agia Varvara, Agioi Anargyroi-Kamatero, Aigaleo, Haidari, Ilion, Peristeri or Petroupoli? Then, below you will find your nearby playgrounds of western Attica to inhale fresh air in the middle of the city. There are only […]

Greek idioms about food

Feta cheese (at the above photo) Greek idioms about food Food is important part of our daily routine and our culture. So, like all nations, we have many-many Greek idioms. And many of these Greek idioms are related to food or they are containing food references. Although they may come from different sources (e.g. from historical events or from folk […]

Getting to Athens by airplane

The airplane approachiiing!!! Starting with the basics, because many tourists used to ask me that question, I want to clarify that there is -for now- only one functional international airport in Athens. The El.Venizelos. But, there are 3 ports, with the Peiraeus port to remain the main one (It’s the bussiest port in Europe, since it has about 18,5million of […]

The basics do’s and dont’s

The basics do’s and dont’s for the first-time visitors in Greece I am feelin obliged to ‘give’ you my knowledge to some common of our customs and practices before your arrival. That is to say avoiding misunderstandings about transportation, cash or cards, dress code etc.. I put a lot of thought at the topics and I believe I covered a […]