City break

Why choose Athens as a city break and not just as a stopover. Ohh trust me when I am saying that ….. I do not want to fool myself or you’my readers. I know that Athens is just a big capital city for you. But to me it is my hometown and I like it. That is why I am […]


How will I choose the appropriate accommodation for me? Where should I stay in Athens? How will I choose the appropriate hotel for me? How many days should I stay? Is Athens expensive? These are the basic questions that my friends from abroad usually asking me before visiting me. So, I am guessing you have the same queries. Weeell, each […]

The basics do’s and dont’s

The basics do’s and dont’s for the first-time visitors in Greece I am feelin obliged to ‘give’ you my knowledge to some common of our customs and practices before your arrival. That is to say avoiding misunderstandings about transportation, cash or cards, dress code etc.. I put a lot of thought at the topics and I believe I covered a […]

Basics 101

Itinerary – must see You will ask me: why I have to visit Athens? It’s just a capital of the country. Just a cement city. Why not only the islands of Greece or the countryside instead? Weeeell…….Hopefully you will love Athens, as much as I do. Therefore, I hope that you will have a memorable experience in Athens. Just follow […]

Naming the city

The myth behind naming the city Come with me and I will mentally travel you at this very moment that Athens was named after a goddess. After the Olympian goddess of wisdom Athena. Once upon a time…Greek goddess Athena and her uncle god of the sea Poseidon were fighting about protecting and naming their favorite city. As a result, they […]